Glass Standoff Adaptors


Standoff glass adaptors (standoff glass holders) are great for individuals who require a modern, sleek and non-invasive look to glass balustrades that can be fixed to walls or staircases, giving the glass a floating look. Minimised metalwork will make the area seem and feel more spacious.

To simplify the purchasing process, we have engineered and combined our standoff adaptors in four which applies to all kind of surfaces whether it is for a wall, floor or staircases and for both exterior and interior settings.

We offer standoff adaptors both manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, bespoke to your needs and that are available from different diameter sizes, measurements  and applicable for various glass thicknesses.

*Distance adjustable standoff make it possible to fix the glass to uneven surfaces.

*Can be used with capping rails and handrail brackets 

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